Loot is the most hotspot this week. With no signals, its floor price surges to 12 ETH in 7 days. Its unique addresses break 2.5k and its trading volume surged 5,043% this week. What is Loot? And what can you do with Loot? This week we cover some Loot details for you to help understanding the whole thing.

As for the market data, the DEX spot volume rose, Uniswap and Sushiswap’s weekly volume increased 25%. It may partially because of the activity of Loot. However, the volume of Opensea seems shrunk a lot this week. Although we saw a peak…

This week, the total TVL in DeFi market fluctuated and dropped a little (-2.84%). By the end of the week4 of Aug, the total TVL in DeFi market was roughly $82.8b. Aave, the dominated protocol in TVL, dropped 6.72% ($14.98b).

With the boost of Avalanche, Pangolin’s attraction hasn’t faded. It TVL stabled around $350m for 2 weeks. Hegic suffered the most TVL loss with only $11m remained (It has more than $50m TVL 2 weeks ago).

Spot DEXes trading activity seemed to get colder, especially on Uniswap, decreasing 15.22% compared to last week. However, all figures of dYdX went up…

DeFi Weekly Recap|The Market is Recovering, and the NFT Summer is Still Hot

The total locked value of many yield projects have been squeezed after the “5·19” crush, except for @iearnfinance and a yield fresher — Convex Finance which is growing very faster. (The purple part in the picture on the up-right part.)

Avalanche Protocol is an open source platform that provides an interoperable and highly scalable ecosystem for decentralized application release and blockchain deployment. Developers on Avalanche can easily create powerful, reliable, and secure applications, customize blockchain networks or build on existing public and private chains.As of June 15, 2021, there are 10 blockchains, 10 subnets, and 978 validators on the Avalanche mainnet. The total amount of AVAX staking is 215,308,331.16 AVAX (the staking rate is 55.77%). Its total market value is $5.088 …

TokenInsight has recently published the rating report for United Engine Chain,which has received a exchange rating of B with a Outlook Positive.

TI Rating Report — UENC | TokenInsight
TI Rating Report — UENC | TokenInsight

“This due diligence only provides users with more information and cannot be directly used as investment advice. This due diligence content is only valid for a limited time, subject to the release time of the content, the information may become invalid and distorted after a period of time. Investors and users are requested to take a rational view. Please do your own research or seek advice from professional consultants before making any investment projects.

Claim is a DeFi protocol based on the Ethereum credit stability model. The on-chain credit valuation model of the protocol is similar to Alchemix and is…

TI Weekly Research:After The Tsunami | TokenInsight
TI Weekly Research:After The Tsunami | TokenInsight

With the return to below 150 of market spot and contract volatility this week, the biggest volatility in the crypto market since 2020 has finally ended. The “crypto market tsunami” left a mess: the market value growth in Q2 was completely wiped out, and both the market scale and trading volume returned to the level of early March. The price of Bitcoin pulled back by more than 30% and failed to break through $40,000 again. On the other hand, the new order is being rebuilt from the “ruins”: the non-bitcoin crypto assets represented by Ethereum have shown strong resilience, and…

The cryptocurrency asset market ended the last week of May in a relatively peaceful manner. In the past month, the spot prices of Bitcoin and Ethereum both saw a retracement of more than 50%, and many parties suffered heavy losses. It is emphasized here that this adjustment is significantly different from other adjustments in this round of bull market. Until now, the cryptocurrency asset market has not recovered from the decline, and investors will be greeted with more uncertainty in the future.


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