Blockchain Week in Review (19.03.03–19.03.09): What happened in China -and the world?

🌏China Angle

Title:Yao Qian, GM of China Securities Depository and Clearing Corporation: The Impact of Legal Digital Currency on Monetary Policy and Financial Stability

Title: CCTV2: Bitcoin Gradually Entered the Public’s Field of Vision

Title:The Speed of the Blockchain Layout of China’s Big Five Major Banks is Speeding Up, and the Advantages of Cross-border Payment and Other Fields Are Highlighted

Title:Lufax Pioneers Use Blockchain for Tracking Online Loan Transactions in China

🌏Industry News

Title:KPMG Survey: Half of Tech Execs Say Blockchain Will Change Their Industry

Title:Fidelity Announces Bitcoin [BTC] Custody Service Live with Select Group of Eligible Clients

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