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Zeta Markets Went Live on Solana Mainnet

Zeta Markets, a DeFi derivatives exchange, went live on Solana Mainnet at 9 am EST on January 17. Additionally, Zeta has secured strategic partnerships with LedgerPrime and Pattern Research, leading derivatives market-makers in the cryptocurrency space, ensuring day one liquidity for all trades executed on the Platform. Zeta Markets is a decentralized platform built on Solana which facilitates liquid, non-custodial and low-collateralized derivatives trading. Zeta previously closed an $8.5 million strategic funding round led by Jump Capital with participation from Alameda Research and others. Source

DisDAO will Airdrop $DISD Tokens to Discord Users

Decentralized autonomous organization DisDAO announced on January 16 that it will airdrop $DISD to Discord users. The total amount of $DISD is 100 trillion, 50% will be used for the airdrop, which will depend on 3 factors.

  • Whether you have purchased a nitro membership on Discord
  • The top 5 severs you have joined for the longest time
  • How many members in Discord servers owned by you Source

ParagonsDAO Announced Details of its First $PDT Launch

ParagonsDAO has announced details of its first $PDT launch, the Initial Bonding Event and Copper Launch LBP, which will be launched on January 17 at 11:00 am, EST. The Initial Bonding Event allows users to sell available Parallel Cards to trade for $PDT, with a total of 8.1 million coins. Initial Bonding Event allows users to sell available Parallel Cards for $PDT, with a total of 8.1 million units. Early investors will not receive their tokens until the Copper Launch event ends, which means they will not be able to sell there share into the auction. ParallelDAO is a community of investors, gamers, collectors and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Source

SpiceDAO Successfully Bid $3.03M for “Dune” Manuscript

Decentralized autonomous organization Spice DAO has announced a successful bid for Alejandro Jodorowosky’s unpublished “Dune” film manuscript for $3.03 million (about €2.66 million). The project plans to make this manuscript in the future under the extent permitted by law. By producing a limited series of original animations, SpiceDAO will sell them to streaming platforms to support the community’s spin-off projects. Source

Geo-Based NFT Minting Platform DROPP Plans to Go Live Soon

DROPP, a Geo-based NFT casting platform, is built on Solana. This is the first NFT platform to use geolocation casting technology. The platform will be divided into three phases, Geo Based DROPP Exclusive NFTs, DROPP Land and DROPP 3D, and is reportedly funded by Three Arrows Capital, Animoca Brands, Alameda Research and others. Source


A New Fund in Avalanche Ecosystem Names Blizzard Announced its Establishment

The Blizzard Fund was announced today with over $200 million in investments from the Avalanche Foundation, Ava Labs, Polychain Capital, Three Arrows Capital, Dragonfly Capital and others. The fund will be used primarily to support the development, growth and innovation of the Avalanche ecosystem. Source

nCore Games Closed $10 Million in Financing Led by Animoca Brands and Galaxy Interactive

Indian gaming firm nCore Games has closed a $10 million round of funding led by Animoca Brands and Galaxy Interactive, with participation from Polygon and Hyperedge Capital, among others. The raised funds will first be used to drive the development of Web 3 games. nCore Games is a mobile games publisher based in India. It is said that nCore’s focus will shift to the metaverse and will launch its own NFTs. Source

I WORLD GAME Closed $6.8 Million Seed Funding Round with Animoca and Others

NFT blockchain game I WORLD GAME has closed a $6.8 million seed round led by WeMade Tree and Sun Hung Kai, with participation from Animoca Brands, Polygon, x21 Digital and others. The raised funds will be used for marketing, new product development and product upgrades to further advance the development of the game and Web3 application suite. I WORLD is a P2E NFT real-life RPG in which users can create, play and learn. Source

Indian Short Video App Chingari Closed $15 Million in Funding

Indian short video app Chingari has closed a $15 million round of funding led by Republic Capital with participation from Onmobile, JPIN Venture Catalysts, Hill Harbor and others. The raised funds will be used to expand the app’s technology, expand the team, and more. Chingari is a short-video social platform that allows users to watch or upload content on the platform to earn $GARI tokens that can be used to unlock special content from creators or purchase voice or video call experiences with creators. The platform previously closed a $19 million round of funding last October with Alameda Research and others and raised $40 million through a $GARI token offering on crowdfunding platform Republic in November. Source




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Leading Data&Tech-driven Blockchain Financial Institution.

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