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dYdX Will Launch the Hedgies NFT Series

Decentralized exchange dYdX announced the launch of Hedgies NFT series, which contains 4,200 NFTs, and the casting will be opened in February. 2,127 Hedgies will be distributed in three stages: voters of online proposals can cast on February 1, active traders on February 2, and other users can cast the remaining NFT on February 5. In addition, from 11:00 p.m. Beijing time on February 8. The official will distribute Hedgies to the winners of the dYdX trading alliance every week and to the top traders ranked by relative profit and loss (%PNL) every day. Source

Vesta Finance Will Conduct LBP on Prime Launch

Vesta Finance, an overcollateralized protocol, announced that it will launch its native governance token $VSTA on Arbitrum with LBP via Prime Launch on January 31st at 12:00pm PST. The event will last 72 hours, allocate tokens at 8% of the total supply (100 million), and allow everyone to participate. Members of the whitelist can subscribe up to 2% of $VSTA through the LBP. Vesta Finance is an Ethereum-based overcollateralized lending protocol. Source

Ribbon Launches Vaults On Solana With Zeta Markets

Ribbon and Zeta Markets will launch Solana vault soon. Ribbon will use Zeta to promote OTC block trading and provide a centralized way for market makers to auction projects such as building vaults and casting options. The cost of selling the option will be paid to the vault depositor and settled in cash at maturity. It is reported that the project side hopes to expand the available function sets of Ribbon and other vaults on Solana, so that they can continue to innovate and eventually attract more users. Source

Tempus Finance Will Integrate with Yearn on Fantom

Tempus Finance, a fixed rate agreement, will integrate with Yearn on Fantom in the next few weeks. When it starts, it will provide $MIM, $DAI, $USDC, $WBTC and $WFTM pools. With different maturity dates, users will be able to obtain high fixed rate income from these tokens.

Tempus Finance is a fixed interest rate agreement based on Ethereum, which allows users to optimize their exposure to variable returns according to their risk profile. Source

Lido Will Integrate with Polygon and Release Lido for Polygon

Pledge agreement Lido will integrate with Polygon and release Lido for Polygon in two phases from next week, enabling users to pledge $MATIC tokens. Phase I will start next week, with only one node operator (Shard Labs), and the submission limit of $MATIC tokens is $10 million, controlled by 3 / 5 multi signature account control protocol. The target release date of phase II is March 1, and the ceiling of $10 million will be lifted. The application of node operators will be evaluated by Lido node operator governance team. After the evaluation application, the proposed operator candidate list will be sent to DAO for approval, and the protocol control will be transferred from multiple signatures to Lido DAO.

After the release of V1, it is planned to expand to more defi protocols and exchanges. Lido and Polygon will also provide incentives in the form of $LDO and $MATIC tokens to promote integration and launch the $stMATIC utility. Source

Axelar Network Launched Cross-chain Transfer Application Satellite

Universal interoperability platform Axelar Network launched Satellite, a cross-chain transfer application that supports cross-chain transfers of $LUNA and $UST. At present, it supports the transfer of native Terra assets between public chains such as Terra, Avalanche, Polygon, Ethereum and Fantom. Moonbeam will be supported in the future. Axelar is a universal interoperability platform that provides a decentralized network to connect DApp builders with blockchain ecosystems, applications and users to achieve seamless cross-chain communication. Source


The Sandbox Will Launch $50Million Metaverse Startup Incubation Program

The Sandbox has announced the launch of The Sandbox Metaverse Accelerator Program, a $50 million accelerator program with Animoca Brands and Brinc. The program will invest up to $250,000 per year for the next three years in 30–40 metaverse startups. Specifically, the program will make an equity investment in each startup valued at between $150,000 to $250,000, plus up to $150,000 worth of the game’s $SAND token. It will also make grants of in-game land plots, or LAND, which are sold as NFT assets and can be customized and even monetized within the game world. The first list of grantees will be announced early in the second quarter. Source

Reddit May Launch NFT Avatar Feature

Social media site Reddit is reportedly testing a feature that would allow users to set NFTs as avatars and verify ownership. But the feature is currently being tested internally, according to company spokesman Tim Rathschmidt, who said Reddit has not yet decided whether to make the service more widely available. Source


NFT Art Platform TRLab Closed $4.2 Million Funding Round with Animoca Brands and Others

NFT art platform TRLab closed a $4.2 million round of funding with participation from Animoca Brands, BAI Capital, Pace Verso and others. The raised funds will be used to scale TRLab’s creations, support more artists in both traditional and digital fields, and fully enhance the community features and membership benefits available to collectors. TRLab is an NFT art platform that was incubated earlier by Dragonfly Capital. The new funds will allow TRLab to diversify its project trajectory and develop NFT art projects of different types and scales. Source

KLKTN Closed $6.4 Million in Financing with Animoca Brands and Others

NFT platform KLKTN closed a $6.4 million round of funding with participation from Animoca Brands, former vice president of SoftBank Group Katsunori Sago, Dapper Labs and others. KLKTN, built on Dapper Labs’ Flow blockchain, allows users to purchase NFTs using credit cards and PayPal. The platform works closely in the entertainment sectors K-POP, Anime, and J-CULTURE to enhance artist-fan engagement using NFTs and Web 3.0. Source

HAL Closed $3 Million Seed Funding Round Led by Animoca Brands and Others

Blockchain analytics provider HAL closed a $3 million seed round led by Animoca Brands, CoinFund and Eden Block, with participation from Hashkey Capital, Wintermute, SkyVision and others. HAL providers individual and corporate users with a suite of monitoring and position tracking services designed to provide actionable insights from blockchain data streams. Aave users also recently voted to integrate HAL on the platform. The integration will see HAL providing “health factor” notifications to Aave users about the safety of their investment positions. Source

Superdao Closed $10.5 Million Seed Round

Superdao, an all-in-one DAO platform, has closed a $10.5 million seed funding round at a $160 million valuation led by SignalFire, and backed by Coinbase, OpenSea, Kraken, Telegram and others. Superdao, which aims to develop a suite of services for DAO development, is building a one-click DAO creation and management tool that includes NFT and token airdrop tools, a funding pool dashboard, an open ecosystem of third-party DAO apps, one-click DAO creation, and more. In addition, SuperDao plans to transition to a DAO in the future. Source



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