DeFi Industry Project Introduction & Interview Record

As we stated in the first and second parts of the 2020 DeFi Industry Research Report, although DeFi has cooled down compared to the end of Q2 and the beginning of Q3, there are still many innovative projects emerging. Meanwhile, some existing projects have made new progresses in the wave of the rise of DeFi. The areas covered by these projects include lending, decentralized derivatives trading, stablecoins, wallets, DEX, liquidity aggregators, etc.

TokenInsight interviewed some projects, trying to share the concepts and the efforts made by these projects for the development of the industry with our readers. At the same time, we also need to note that many projects are not rampantly chasing the so-called “craze”, but continuing to cultivate in their fields and optimize on their original basis. The emergence of new projects and the renewed efforts of existing projects are roughly in the following two directions:

1. Discover the pain points of the original model, seek solutions, and optimize the user experience. Some projects found problems in the DeFi ecosystem such as lack of liquidity, low transaction efficiency, large slippage, and difficulty in cross-chain asset transactions. They proposed solutions such as liquidity aggregator, asset reallocation, automated market-making models, and cross-chain bridges. They try to reduce user transaction risks and enhance user participation experience through algorithm optimization and intelligent protocols.

2. Relying on the original DeFi infrastructure, build their own ecosystem. Some projects seek to establish a small DeFi ecosystem integrating blockchain, token, and exchange to realize the interconnection of their assets and functions. At the same time, some projects simultaneously develop functions such as asset protocols, lending protocols, and asset management, and then integrate the internal financial system.

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