Project Research Paper of Alephium

3 min readMay 27, 2019


❔What is Alephium:

Alephium is a Swiss public chain project , combining sharding technology with DAG and skillfully uses UTXO model.

Key Points:

✅ Sharding has become one of the mainstream technologies to solve the problem of scalability in blockchain.

✅ The sharding technology can be used to improve the scalability of blockchain technology without reducing the degree of decentralization and has good application prospects.

✅ To solve the scalability problem of underlying public chain, Wang Cheng, Founder of Alephium, proposed an algorithm called BlockFlow which creatively combines sharding technology with DAG (directed acyclic graphing) and skillfully uses UTXO model to reduce the limitation of cross-sharding transactions on sharding performance.

✅ The BlockFlow algorithm proposed by Wang improves the throughput of systems and has been both tested and verifed. He has partitioned smart contracts into a token protocol and data protocol, allowing developers to build DApps that supporting high concurrency scenarios while retaining the Turing complete smart contract functionality.

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