Review of ARPA(ARPA): BB — Stable Outlook and Moderate Risk

TokenInsight has recently published the rating report for ARPA Official(ARPA), which has received a project rating of BB with a stable outlook.

ARPA is a secure multi-party computation network relying on smart
contracts and information exchange among multiple blockchain
networks, and is a type of Layer 2 solution.

✅ ARPA aims to guarantee information security under active secure conditions in the environment of n-1 malicious nodes.

✅In addition to encrypted information, transmission, and computation,
ARPA also maintains the network environment through random node selection, token pledging, node registration, reward, and punishment and other measures to reduce malicious nodes.
✅Message authentication codes generated during computation are used to verify the computation correctness of computation nodes, and to provide concise proof for final computation results.

✅The ARPA project’s implementation is still in its early stages of development.
✅The project team is simplified, but most of the members have long?term experience in well-known overseas enterprises, and have strong support from academia and industrial networks, thus facilitating the development of the Project.

TokenInsight gives BB to ARPA with a stable outlook. Overall, the risk of ARPA is moderate.

According to the TokenInsight’s rating criteria, BB indicates that the technical feasibility is good, the status of operations is relatively stable, the possibility of influence on the project by unfavourable changes in the environment or uncertain factors exists to a relatively large extent, and risk is basically controllable.

The rating report also provides a comprehensive analysis from the aspect of industry, project, economic, sentiment popularity, team, competitor, etc. TokenInsight Inc. will publish rating reports on a priority basis and aims to update the existing rating every three months.

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