Review of Contentos(COS): B — Stable Outlook and Moderate Risk

❔What is ContentosHome:

Contentos is an underlying public blockchain project designed and
built for the digital content industry based on blockchain technology.

Key Points:

✅ Contentos is independently developing an underlying public
blockchain adapted to content industry needs, expecting to reach
the transaction confirmation in seconds at zero transaction cost,
with the aid of the saBFT (Self-Adaptive BFT) consensus mechanism.

✅As a decentralized system run by a non-profit foundation, Contentos
has set the fundamental objective to serve the public, in hope of
maximizing the values for content creators and system participants.

✅ Focusing on the system requirements, Contentos has
built three critical infrastructures: Decentralized digital content system, transaction and financial system, and social network.

✅Vicious circle in the entire content industry arising from
the irrational distribution of industry revenues. Contentos’ solution: Decentralized traffic and revenue distribution.

✅Frequent infringement and cyber-violence arising from a
useless credit system. Contentos’ solution: Untampered credit system.

✅ Frequent infringement acts arising from failure to
accurately confirm the rights of digital contents. Contentos’ solution: Confirmation, transaction and legal attest of nonphysical rights in rem.

✅So far, Contentos has 45 members, including 25 from the
Development Team, 5 from Management Team, 10 from Marketing
Team and 5 from other teams. Those developers account for 56% of
total members, which is a higher percentage.

TokenInsight gives B to Contentos with a stable outlook. Overall, the risk of Contentos is moderate.

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About TokenInsight

TokenInsight is an independent third-party data analytics organization whose focus is to provide accurate information and ratings on companies developing in the blockchain industry. TokenInsight is dedicated to providing accurate ratings, research, and analytics that contribute to intelligent financial decisions and market transparency.

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Leading Data&Tech-driven Blockchain Financial Institution.

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