Review of Elastos(ELA): B — Stable Outlook and Moderate Risk

TokenInsight has recently published the rating report for Elastos (ELA), which has received a project rating of BB with a stable outlook.

❔What is Elastos:

Elastos aims to create a new kind of Internet, powered by blockchain technology.

Key Points:

✅ Initiated in August 2017, Elastos project is designed to build the
next-generation Internet-based on the blockchain and peer-to-peer network;

✅. After one and a half years of development, Elastos’ main
components under planning have almost done.

✅In addition to the development, Elastos is further establishing
the community governance organization.

✅The project is characterized by normative open source codes,
conventional amount of code and frequent code

✅The project is transparent in the fundraising process and
capital spending, and discloses financial expenditures to the
community semiannually;

✅Elastos will, at a later stage, hand over the governance rights of the
project and nearly 50% of ELA tokens to CR (Cyber Republic), a
community governance organization. CR will decide by vote the
set up of committee, fund utilizing and other important matters;

✅Elastos boasts of wide ecological layout, and has a partnership
with a number of enterprises, which plays an active role in the ecological development and expansion of user groups;

✅Elastos shows great initiative in the community development,
with regular and frequent dynamic updates, good community
base and well-developed community;

✅Elastos’ team has more than 100 members, around 75% of whom
are R&D personnel, and core members are experienced in software

TokenInsight gives
B to Elastos with a stable outlook. Overall, the risk of Elastos is moderate.

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