Review of En-Tan-Mo: BB — Stable Outlook and Moderate Risk

TokenInsight has recently published the rating report for En-Tan-Mo, which has received a project rating of BB with a stable outlook.

❔What is En-Tan-Mo:

En-Tan-Mo is a third-generation public blockchain committed to achieving SHD completeness. In the project’s name, “En” stands for Entente, “Tan” for Transaction, and “Mo” for Mobius. En-Tan-Mo uses theories from economics and mathematics as the basis for its model design, including the Nash equilibrium, the Kantorovich value transfer theory, and the rational expectation theory. It models and analyzes problems facing blockchains at the level of physics and information theory, at the end of which it proposes an SHD-complete solution.

Key Points:

En-Tan-Mo’s UPoS consensus mechanism is an improved DPoS mechanism that combines PoW with convex functions, chaotic shuffling, and other mechanisms. It places a strong emphasis on the decentralization of voting rights and randomized selection of block producers.

En-Tan-Mo uses a main chain — sidechain architecture, deploying DApps on sidechains to reduce the load on the main chain. En-Tan-Mo’s single-chain performance does not improve on DPoS public blockchains, but its performance in combination with sidechains is expected to exceed that of ordinary DPoS.

✅ En-Tan-Mo uses a time-dependent descending model to reward miner nodes. Meanwhile, it provides a similar reward model for voters.

✅ In pursuing a public blockchain route, the project faces fierce competition from new and established projects such as Ethereum and EOS.

✅ Following two years in development, the project is currently in the testnet stage, with plans to launch its mainnet in the second half of this year. The releases of the wallet, testnet, and white paper confirm progress is so far in line with plans.

A number of Nobel Prize winners and other well-known scholars serve as advisors to the project, and core team members contribute strong academic and working backgrounds. The project’s team background is strong overall.

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