Review of NEM(XEM): BBB— Stable Outlook and Moderate Risk

❔What is NEM Official (Editors):

The NEM network framework consists of an API gateway server and a blockchain network layer.

Key Points:

✅ The NEM mainnet has been launched for four years and its base
functionalities are stable; the current development work is
concentrated on NEM2 (Catapult).

✅ NEM aims to provide an enterprise-level blockchain solution; its
blockchain properties and functionality targets are all internally set,
and to the greatest extent, it attempts to provide enterprise-level
customized services while lowering infrastructure development

✅ NEM faces relatively fierce competition in the BaaS (Blockchain as-a-Service) industry, from entities such as players with strong backgrounds, like IBM who is looking to provide similar services.

✅ NEM has a group of core partners with serious technical strengths, which is beneficial to the overall development of NEM’s ecosystem.

✅ NEM provides enterprise blockchain adoption with low-costs, identity-confirmation, convenient asset creation methods, multi-signature confirmation and other services that compile into a definite service line that fulfills the needs for businesses, helping them to create enterprise-level applications.

✅ The NEM internal team has run into some problems in the process of administration with lack of transparency as well as management; in the end there have been exposures of a financial mismanagement and crisis. However, currently via community voting, the foundation has undergone an iterative update, with outstanding programmers and a refined operation to make for a more focused effort on business expansion and product development. The project’s future development still needs to be observed.

TokenInsight gives BBB to NEM with a stable outlook. Overall, the risk of NEM is moderate.

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Leading Data&Tech-driven Blockchain Financial Institution.

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