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9 min readJun 22, 2021

Avalanche Protocol is an open source platform that provides an interoperable and highly scalable ecosystem for decentralized application release and blockchain deployment. Developers on Avalanche can easily create powerful, reliable, and secure applications, customize blockchain networks or build on existing public and private chains.As of June 15, 2021, there are 10 blockchains, 10 subnets, and 978 validators on the Avalanche mainnet. The total amount of AVAX staking is 215,308,331.16 AVAX (the staking rate is 55.77%). Its total market value is $5.088 billion, and the trading volume of X chain and C chain in the past 24 hours is 21,096 (as of 13:45 UTC+8, data sources: Avascan, Avalanche Explorer).


Avalanche wallet

Avalanche Wallet is a simple and secure non-custodial wallet for storing assets on the Avalanche Protocol.


Guava Wallet is a non-custodial web wallet on the Avalanche chain that helps users manage AVAX tokens. The wallet is committed to bringing users a simple, fast and secure experience. (Currently in the testing phase)


Sinzu is a non-custodial wallet application software on mobile phones, which can realize the cross-chain of Avalanche X-chain, C-chain and P-chain through Rest API. It is built using Google’s open source UI software, currently focusing on Android and IOS versions, and there will be Linux, Mac and Windows versions in the future.



Pangolin is currently the largest DEX (decentralized exchange) in the Avalanche Ecosystem. It uses the same automatic market maker (AMM) as Uniswap and Sushiswap, and supports all Avalanche and Ethereum transactions. Thanks to the structure of the Avalanche Protocol, Pangolin has the features of fast transactions, low transaction costs, and democracy. Democracy means that the platform’s governance token PNG will be fully allocated to the community and will not be retained in the team, so it is a platform completely governed by the community.

Zero Exchange

Zero Exchange is a decentralized exchange on Avalanche, dedicated to solving the problem of rising costs on Ethereum. Based on the features of the Avalanche Protocol, Zero provides users with zero-fee, zero-delay, and instant transaction services. Similar to Pangolin, it is also a community-driven automatic market maker exchange, but on this platform users can participate in platform governance not only through the token ZERO, but also through the NFT. In addition, the NFT holding ZERO can also enjoy a discount on the swap fee, but the strength of the discount and the use limit of the NFT will ultimately depend on the community.

Complus Network

Complus Network is a multi-chain trading platform, mainly for ERC-20 tokens on the ECO chain, Avalanche and BSC. COM is the platform’s own token, which can be used to buy and sell tokens and NFTs on all chains. At the same time, the platform is a cheap, fast, and community-driven AMM decentralized exchange. Similar to Sushi, the platform charges a 0.3% transaction fee, of which 0.25% is returned to the LP pool and 0.05% is put into the Complus staking pool. Users can stake COM on the exchange to obtain xCOM tokens to enjoy the interest of the COM-LP token pool.


YetiSwap is a DEX on Avalanche, an AMM. Its governance token (YTS) is not distributed to investors or internal teams, and 90% of the tokens will be distributed to the community through liquidity mining. YetiSwap recently released a beta test version of the NFT trading market.


The goal of Elk.Finance is to provide sub-second cross-chain swaps for arbitrable tokens in the market. ELK is the application token of the platform, which can be freely traded on the exchange. First, the token can be used for related liquidity mining. Secondly, all transactions on the platform consume ELK. In addition, users can avoid impermanent loss by paying ELK.

In order to reduce the risk in cross-chain transactions, Elk.Finance will also issue CHFT, a stable coin linked to Swiss Franc (CHF). At present, the exchange has supported the Avalanche chain and will continue to access Polygon (MATIC), BSC, Ethereum, etc. in the future.


An exchange on Avalanche, it supports swap, Farming and staking.

Canary Exchange

Canary Exchange is the AMM decentralized exchange on Avalanche, and CNR is its official token.

Lydia Finance

An Avalanche DEX released in April 2021, token LYD. The project has started Certik’s audit on June 1, 2021.

Snow Leopard

The reflective staking protocol on Avalanche. Snowleopard is not only an animal coin, but also a governance token. Every transaction on the platform will be charged a 10% fee, 5% will be given to snowleopard holders, and 5% will be put into the community investment wallet. The holders of governance tokens can not only decide the governance of the platform, but also decide the use of funds in the investment wallet to invest in projects in the Avalanche Ecosystem. The investment income will be distributed to the holders, or used for marketing and establishment of Avalanche Nodes and so on.


Snowball is a DeFi platform in the avalanche ecosystem. There are two main businesses, one is SnowGlobes, and the other is StableVault. SnowGlobes provides users with the LP automatic compound interest service of the Pangolin platform. StableVault is an AMM where users can trade stablecoins or other anchored value coins. The principle is similar to the Uniswap liquidity pool, except that the trading pairs with more than two coins are allowed.

Penguin Finance

The DEX on the Avalanche chain. It includes liquidity mining, staking, automatic compound interest and the platform’s own Penguin Emperor competition.



Marginswap is a decentralized trading platform on which users can trade spot, margin (up to 5x leverage), loading and lending. Currently, the V1 version allows trading of multiple assets, but supports AMM asset trading on Uniswap and Sushiswap.



BENQI is a decentralized non-custodial liquidity market on the Avalanche chain. Users can make loans and borrow money in this market to obtain income.

Yield Farming

Birdy Finance

The liquidity mining platform on Avalanche, through the platform’s smart contract mining, users can obtain passive income. BIRD is the deflationary token of the platform.


Olive Cash is a Yield Farming platform on Avalanche and BSC, an animal coin issuance platform, similar to Pancakeswap. It cooperated with other project parties to set up a mining pool (Olive garden pool) on the platform of Olive Cash to obtain platform coins from specific project parties. There are two types of mining pools, Core and Community. The project parties that the Core mining pool cooperates with are selected by the Olive Cash team, and Community mining poo need to be voted by the community. Therefore, as a staking of OLIVE tokens for mining, its price depends on the token price of the mining station. Olive’s goal is to bring investors from traditional industries into the cryptocurrency market by integrating Fostering AMM, Yeild Farming and DeFi markets.



BiLira (TRYB) is a stablecoin anchored to Lira in Turkey, maintaining a one-to-one exchange rate with Lira. The project is dedicated to enhancing the Turkish people’s understanding of the decentralized and global peer-to-peer financial sector. In order to guarantee the exchange rate, the equivalent amount of Lira will be deposited in the BiLira’s Turkish Lira reserves.


TrueUSD (TUSD) is one of the many stablecoins issued by TrustToken. It is one of the most transparent stablecoins and is 1:1 pegged to the U.S. dollar. It uses physical collateral, and the collateral is stored in an independent bank account that is tested and audited by a third party. The release of TUSD on the Avalanche chain will play a key role in the development of Avalanche DeFi applications. After the issuance, users can directly use the TUSD on the Avalanche chain through TrustToken’s App TrueCurrencies.



Kurtosis is a test platform that helps the project team discover potential risks as early as possible and prevent the Black Swan incident by performing a continuous and repeated system integration test.

In the case of Avalanche, Kurtosis built a Docker container system-based test process for it, placing multiple lightweight Docker testnets on the Avalanche network, each of which contains independent tests. Once the test starts, each Docker will perform its own scenario test.

Kurtosis can continue to run directly on the developer’s computer, similar to TravisCI and CircleCI, so developers can find and solve problems as early as possible during the development of the project.


Avalanche Explorer

Avalanche Explorer is an analysis tool that allows users to find transactions, addresses, and other platform activities on the Avalanche chain.


Avascan is a blockchain browser that helps users find assets, blockchains, transactions, validators, principals, smart contracts, etc. on the Avalanche Protocol. Avascan has five features: fast, private, open API, scalable, and community avaliable.


Vscout is an analysis tool for querying subnets, staking and validators in the Avalanche Protocol network.


The Koala Finance

Koala is a non-custodial decentralized prediction platform that supports multiple chains, that is, people can predict and place bets on the outcome of an event, including cryptocurrency, sports, entertainment, gamified airdrops, and grid bots. It does not rely on any centralized system to obtain data. The second is to use open source and open decentralized exchange information and oracles, such as uniswap, Pangolin, Chainlink, etc.


On Avaxcells, users can create their own Avaxcell (NFT), train them, and let them participate in one-on-one battles.


AVAXTARS is a NFT-based web game, built on the Avalanche chain. The platform has its own token-AVXT. Each AVAXTAR is an electronic image, stored on IPFS and available on the Avalanche mainnet. Users need at least one AVAXTAR to participate in the game.

Crypto Dappers

Crypto Dappers is an animal ERC-721 NFT on the Avalanche C chain, which can generate income, change clothes, feed, etc., and is limited to 2500.


Sherpa Cash

As a completely decentralized private trading platform on Avalanche, Sherpa Cash increases privacy by breaking the chain link between data and addresses. It uses smart contracts to receive AVAX deposits, and uses a different address when withdrawing, and even in order to protect privacy, the relayer can withdraw money from an address that does not have an AVAX bill.



Unifty — a decentralized NFT infrastructure platform whose main goal is to provide a completely decentralized code-free development environment for NFT creators. This platform allows users to mine NFTs, create NFT sets or set up NFT pools, and currently supports Ethereum, BSC, Avalanche, Celo, Matic, Rinkeby (testnet).


420Swap is the NFT trading platform on Avalanche and is avaliable for buying or publishing NFT.


Bitgem is an electronic jewelry on the Avalanche chain. Users can stake ETH or ERC20 on the website. After maturity, they can harvest GEM with the certificate and retrieve the tokens.

Cosmic Roulettte

On Cosmic Roulettte, users can create their own unique planet NFT, and use the creator’s wallet address and planet creation time as the seed. After the planet is mined, it will be automatically sold by the system at the price set by the creator. Its V1 version will release 10,000 planets on BSC, Avalanche and Front respectively.

Crypto Runes

NFT projects on Avalanche and BSC.


SEAL — Gamification ERC-721 NFT, 9,999 are issued, each of which is uniquely stored on IPFS and ARWEAVE. SEAL will be divided into three categories, which can only be seen by users after activation.


Gameswap is a DEX for game NFTs, helping gamers create and trade NFTs. Gameswap is a peer-to-peer DEX based on game NFT, which helps game players create and trade NFT. Its model is similar to Uniswap, only focusing on game NFTs and using platform currency GSWAP as the basis of the liquidity pool.


Lamasticards is a NFT card trading platform. Every month, an artist will design 4 cards around Lamasticot for limited time and limited transactions. In addition, there will be two additional cards each month, one for the first 1,000 users to claim for free, and the other for Twitter subscribers (limited to 600).

Nexus Cards

Nexus Cards is a community-driven NFT game trading platform.

Snowflake Market

An NFT market on Avalanche.


NFT trading market on the Avalanche chain.



Chainlink is a decentralized oracle that provides off-chain data for smart contracts on the chain, including data sources, web APIs, and traditional bank data.


Osiris Holdings

OSIRIS is a yield plaform on the Avalanche C chain. Users can obtain income only by holding tokens without staking or storing funds. All transaction events in the platform will update the user balance and receive transaction fees (1.5%).


vfat.tools is a set of mining calculators and a branch of yieldfarming.info.


Spore is an ecosystem, including reflect token, NFT generated by algorithm, and NFT prediction market.




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