TI First Sight — Claim, enrich DeFi Liqudity with Leverage

“This due diligence only provides users with more information and cannot be directly used as investment advice. This due diligence content is only valid for a limited time, subject to the release time of the content, the information may become invalid and distorted after a period of time. Investors and users are requested to take a rational view. Please do your own research or seek advice from professional consultants before making any investment projects.

Claim is a DeFi protocol based on the Ethereum credit stability model. The on-chain credit valuation model of the protocol is similar to Alchemix and is related to future cash flow. The valuation of assets not only depends on their present value, but also includes the expected cash flow of the asset in the future. Users can obtain the same amount of cUSD for asset circulation by staking Dai on the Vault. After the assets are deposited, the Vault protocol will aggregate users’ assets and help them invest (through Yearn.Finance). In this way, the users can not only use their assets as collateral to obtain stablecoin cUSD, but also enjoy the credit leverage formed by the expected return on assets, which improves the effectiveness of the protocol.

The Mechanism of Claim, Source: Claim

IDO Information

Token Information


Type: ERC-20

Total: 100,000,000 (100 million pieces)

Contract address: 0x13154efe79d4d7f86407d56f8f6a1b07fb0b80ff

Function: Governance tokens, mining rewards;

Token distribution:

Token Distribution and Unlocking Information, Source: Claim

Financing Information

According to the disclosure of the project party on May 12, 2021, Claim has completed the first round of institutional strategic financing. Investment institutions include NGC, Silicon VC, HOO Venture, C6E, Vega Venture, WaterDrip Capital, SpaceX, Excision Biotherapeutics, and NIO Silicon Valley Investors Fund.

Claim Financing Information, Source: Claim

Basic Information

Offcial website: https://claim.xyz

Contract address: 0x13154efe79d4d7f86407d56f8f6a1b07fb0b80ff

White paper: https://docs.claim.xyz

Twitter: https://twitter.com/claimdotxyz 5,251 followers

Medium: https://medium.com/@claimfinance 1.2k followers

Telegram: https://t.me/claimofficialcommunity 5,243 members

Telegram Chinese Community: https://t.me/claimofficialchinesecommunity 1,883 members



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