TI First Sight — Lever Network

TI First Sight — Lever Network

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TI First Sight — Lever Network

Lever Network basic principle, source: Lever Light Paper

IEO Information

At 20:00 today, Lever Network will conduct IEO on Gate.io Startup. TokenInsight has extracted some key subscription information and organized it as follows:

In addition to the IEO at Gate.io, Lever Network will be auctioned at Gnosis Auction on May 5, 2021. The specific information is as follows:

Start time: 8:00 pm on May 5, 2021, Beijing time

End time: 8:00 pm on May 7, 2021, Beijing time (48 hours in total)

The specific auction principle is shown in the figure below: the horizontal axis represents the different bids of each token, and the vertical axis represents the number of tokens to be purchased. Each orange bid will be conformed at the lowest bid price it accepts.

TI First Sight — Lever Network

Gnosis Auction specific principle, source: Lever’s Medium

Token Information

Token distribution:

TI First Sight — Lever Network
TI First Sight — Lever Network

Token distribution and unlocking information, source: Lever LightPaper, TokenInsight

Financing Information

According to ChainNews, on April 20, 2021, Lever.Network, a decentralized margin trading platform, completed a seed round of $600,000. NGC Ventures, ArkStream, LD Capital, AU21 jointly led the investment, and DAOMaker, YBB, DFG and other institutions participated in the investment.

According to Gate.io’s official disclosure, Gate.Io Labs participated in Lever Network’s PE II round of investment.

TI First Sight — Lever Network

Lever Network financing information, source: ChainNews, Lever Network

The team information has not been officially disclosed, but according to the information on the IEO page of Gate Startup, its initiator Jeff Lian is known as a veteran of the blockchain industry and has many years of work experience in world-renowned financial technology and IT companies.

Basic Information

As a leading data service and rating agency in the industry, TokenInsight is deeply loved and supported by users at home and abroad. In order to give back to the community, TI will choose the opportunity and time to send out new project benefits. This issue is Lever Network, thanks to Gate for their great support for this article.

TI First Sight — Lever Network

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