TokenInsight becomes the world’s first rating agency to embed its grade assessment scale onto a crypto currency exchange.

1.TokenInsight, a leading independent data analytics and token rating agency, recently announced a strategic cooperation with CoinMex Exchange, a professional digital asset exchange platform, to embed and display its token rating information and cryptocurrency risk alerts within CoinMex Exchange’s webpage to better provide traders with more comprehensive investment information.

The CoinMex team stated that a well-established risk disclosure system could help exchanges better protect its users and investors with more information and knowledge about the market, and that TokenInsight’s objective and neutral rating services has assisted CoinMex in creating a more transparent and credible digital asset trading platform for everyone.

TokenInsight evaluates the risks and qualifications of token projects based on set parameters such as independence, objectivity, and fairness. TokenInsight’s rating methodology consists of three dimensions (team, project, and ecosystem), with nearly 60 sub-dimensions built around its evaluation framework. The rating results system relies on a complete database and scientific classification methodologies that abide by the highest standards of reporting. The company is currently known to hold the most comprehensive self-built database in the cryptocurrency industry, including over 1,500 listed projects and over 700 unlisted projects currently in the market. They have also summarized 21 industry verticals and built rating models across each sector to ensure the accuracy of their rating results. The rating reports are in both Chinese and English and are continuously tracked to make sure they are most up to date. Their products can be exported in the form of APIs, which are convenient for exchanges, market terminals, and media customers to integrate into their platforms.

TokenInsight is the first rating company in the world to disclose its rating system and rating results. The company has a mature internal and external risk control system that allows them to detail information from a truly independent point of view. Its rating system has been recognized by top investment institutions such as Matrix Partners, FenbushiCapital, Susquehanna International Group, Draper Fund, and more. In future, TokenInsight plans to include its rating results to also appear in several top token exchanges and information products down the road.

2.Enter the trading interface of CoinMex, and the rating result will be displayed below the project name, as shown below:

Click on the rating result and a project risk alert will appear. It will contain a brief explanation of the main risks associated with the project, helping investors to quickly understand the potential perils of the project, as displayed in the photo below:

Through this cooperation, TokenInsight will embed its rating system and project risk alerts are directly onto the trading page of CoinMex, so that investors can directly understand the overall risk levels and potential risks of the projects.

CoinMex addresses the needs of the digital asset industry by providing its platform with as much information to its users as possible. It is driven by products and technologies to provide users and partners with a professional, intelligent, and ultimate one-stop digital asset trading platform. CoinMex has been invested by well know firms such as Fenbushi capital and Huobi Capitals’s Gobal Eco-Fund. In addition, BKFUND has also invested 100 million RMB in its angel round financing. CoinMex seeks to create a global digital asset trading platform with the highest security level and including brokerage basic services.

3.TokenInsight is dedicated towards providing accurate ratings, research, tools, and analytics that contribute to intelligent financial decisions and market transparency. With our complete token database, industry research algorithms, and advanced rating system, our mission is to be the top resource for unbiased information that meets the highest standards of reporting.

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