TokenInsight Cryptocurrency Ratings Update August 06th 2020

TokenInsight added 4 cryptocurrency projects in total to our project rating database: Monolith, GHOST, Solana, Haven Protocol.

TokenInsight Cryptocurrency Ratings
Source: TokenInsight

Monolith is a debit card that can be used at payment terminals around the world and an ERC20-compatible smart contract wallet used to pay and withdraw funds. The project team is well educated and the core team has blockchain experience, but the overall project disclosure is low. The project has moderate Github popularity, but the influence of the project and the popularity of the media has increased recently due to the DeFi market. TKN is a token issued by the project, and its current comprehensive performance in the secondary market is relatively good. Considering the status and development prospects of the project, the rating for Monolith is CCC with a positive outlook.

GHOST is an anonymous cryptocurrency based on PoS and zero-knowledge proof technology, created by John McAfee. The ultimate goal of the project is to achieve fully anonymous transactions. GHOST holders can stake the GHOST Coin they hold and obtain transaction fee income; currently, the APR of staking is maintained around 7%. In addition, whale GHOST Coin holders (more than 20,000 GHOST) can become GHOST Veteran and receive 50% block rewards. The GHOST team members are strong, and the project progress is in line with the roadmap, but there are already many players in the anonymous cryptocurrency area with a similar consensus mechanism and technical architecture. Considering the status and development prospects of the project, the rating for GHOST is B with a stable outlook.

As a public blockchain, Solana aims to reduce the transaction fee and improve the scalability of blockchain without sacrificing security, providing a better platform for the DApps to build on. As disclosed by the project, its block time is only 400ms and its TPS can reach up to 50000. Solana’s team has rich tech experience and a good overall background. Meanwhile, it has developed partnerships with many blockchain projects, which is good for Solana’s future development. Recently, Solana has been chosen as the blockchain for the development of DeFi ecosystem due to its high efficiency. SOL is the token of the project, it has been maintaining a good performance ever since its launch in April and its price in the secondary market experienced continuous growth. Considering the status and development prospects of the project, the rating for Solana is BB with a stable outlook.

The Haven Protocol uses privacy technology and attempts to provide decentralised financial services. As for the team, the project and technical leaders have rich working experience. There is incomplete disclosure of other information on the team. The project’s Github popularity and media popularity are low. XHV is a token issued by the project. The distribution of the token and the unlocking mechanism of the token has not been disclosed. At present, the overall performance in the secondary market is poor. Its market value is about $20 million, the price is relatively stable, and the monthly trading volume ranks general. Considering the status and development prospects of the project, the rating for Haven Protocol is CCC with a stable outlook.


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