TokenInsight Cryptocurrency Ratings Update July 10th 2020

TokenInsight added 4 cryptocurrency projects in total to our project rating database: Handshake, Klaytn, NDN Link Official, Saga

TokenInsight Cryptocurrency Ratings
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Handshake is a decentralized naming and certificate authority. It aims to provide a permissionless and peer-to-peer alternative to the existing certificate authorities and naming systems and increase the security and resilience of the current internet. Handshake was led by a few blockchain experts and the team has a strong tech background. Also, Handshake has gained investments from a few famous investment institutions. The marketing and media exposure of the project has room to be improved, nevertheless, the project still gains attention from developers and the popularity of its GitHub is good. The token issued by the project is HSN, it performed stably in the secondary market recently. Considering the status and development prospects of the project, the rating for Handshake is B with a positive outlook.

Klaytn is a project managed by GroundX, which is a blockchain subsidiary of South Korean social giant Kakao. Klaytn is an underlying blockchain platform positioned for enterprise services. It aims to combine the advantages of public and private blockchains to build high-volume blockchain applications (BApps) for companies. The technical structure for the project is systematic. The proportion of technical members of the team is high, and the tech members have rich experience and strong tech ability. The project received endorsements from its parent company Kakao, the IDG Capital, and other famous capital parties. The project’s Github activeness is high and the community popularity is good. KLAY is the token issued by the project, and it has a good overall performance in the secondary market. Considering the current status and development prospects of the project, the rating for Klaytn is BB, with a stable outlook.

The NDN Link project combines blockchain technology and data naming network (NDN) technology, aiming to build a content-centric Internet architecture system that replaces the current TCP/IP architecture. The project is supported by the National Science Foundation of the United States, UCLA, University of Washington, and other well-known universities, but the specific background experience of the core team members is not disclosed. The project uses a brand new system architecture and its stability and feasibility need to be tested. In terms of community popularity, they have low popularity in Github and their twitter has moderate popularity. NDN is the token issued by the project, and its applications are not well explained in the whitepaper. The economic model of NDN is relatively vague and its price on the secondary market is volatile. Considering the current status and development prospects of the project, the rated for NDN Link is CCC, with a stable outlook.

The SAGA project provides digital currency services, its operators are non-profit organizations, and the overall strength of the consultant team is strong. The Github project’s popularity and media popularity are low. Saga token (SGA) is a token issued by the project and built as an ERC20 token on top of the Ethereum network. At present, its comprehensive performance in the secondary market is general with a relatively stable market price and a low-ranking monthly transaction volume. Considering the status and development prospects of the project, the rating for SAGA is CCC with a stable outlook.


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