TokenInsight Cryptocurrency Ratings Update June 12th 2020

TokenInsight added 3 cryptocurrency projects in total to our project rating database: NEST Protocol, MDT Blog, SYLO

TokenInsight Cryptocurrency Ratings
Source: TokenInsight

Nest Protocol is a distributed oracle network, the project works to provide prices created on-chain by a price quotation system consisted of miners and verifiers, aiming to provide a decentralized price data solution which is accurate, fast, and attack resistant. The solution proposed by the project is very creative and will have many application scenarios once successfully achieved, and the token economics of this project are also logically designed. However, there is basically no information disclosed about the project’s team, and the marketing and operation of its community do not seem to be systematically managed. And while there are achievements and updates disclosed, the disclosure of the project’s roadmap is not clearly organized, thus it’s hard to verify if there is any disparity between the actual results and the plan. Considering the status and development prospects of the project, the rating for Nest Protocol is CCC with a developing outlook.

The Measurable Data Token provides distributed data exchange services. The technical framework is relatively systematic and the technical feasibility is relatively high. The future roadmap is planned only until the second quarter of this year. The influence of the project and the popularity of the media are low. Measurable Data Token (MDT) is a token issued by the project with a clear distribution and unlocking mechanism. MDT’s market value is about 3 million US dollars, the price is stable with middle-ranking monthly transaction volume. Considering the status and development prospects of the project, the rating for Measurable Data Token is CCC with a negative outlook.

Sylo is a decentralized communication network. The network is decentralized through applications, dedicated communication, and storage and peer-to-peer micropayments. As a whole, the team lacks experience in blockchain, but the core members have some media resources, thus there will be some advantages in publicity. Sylo is the token issued by the project. It has just been launched in the secondary market and needs to be followed up and observed. Considering the status and development prospects of the project, the rating for Sylo is CCC with a developing outlook.


This list is based on publicly sourced information and is published in good faith for general information purpose use only. TokenInsight does not make any warranties about the completeness, reliability and accuracy of this information. This list does not constitute an offer or a recommendation to purchase, hold, or sell any cryptocurrencies (tokens) or the engagement of any investment activities.

Based on the research and analysis of the latest market data and our integrated rating system, we aim at providing investors with accurate and timely project information and helping them effectively avoid risks.

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