TokenInsight Cryptocurrency Ratings Update June 5th 2020

4 min readJun 5, 2020

TokenInsight added 4cryptocurrency projects in total to our project rating database: Elamachain, Counosplatform, travalacom, CRYPTOBUCKSLimited

TokenInsight Cryptocurrency Ratings
Source: TokenInsight
Elamachain Cryptocurrency Rating | TokenInsight

Elamachain is a blockchain-based emotional AI platform that works to solve many existing problems in the blockchain and AI industry such as low transaction speed, weak link between the technology and the business, and difficulties in data acquisition. The project aims to form an intelligent ecosystem by connecting individual users to the business. The team of the project lacks information exposure: there is no information disclosed for the CTO or tech members, and the CEO has no tech background. The blockchain technology HyperLedger Fabric is adopted rather than developed by the team, and the information about HyperLedger Fabric is all the project has for its blockchain technology, although the AI Chatbot developed by the team has been applied and used. ELA is the token for the project, and it experienced violent fluctuation in the secondary market this year. The team did not disclose plans after 2020Q1. Considering the status and development prospects of the project, the rating for Elamachain is CC with a developing outlook.

Counos X Cryptocurrency Rating | TokenInsight

The Counos project provides international financial payments and transfers based on blockchain technology. The influence of the project and the popularity of the media are low. Counos X is a token issued by the project, it was developed according to Litecoin version 17.1, and its validation method is PoW. The current comprehensive performance in the secondary market is relatively good. Its market value is about 361 million US dollars, the price is stable with a low ranking in monthly transaction volume. Considering the status and development prospects of the project, the rating for Counos X is CCC with a stable outlook.

Travala Cryptocurrency Rating | TokenInsight was founded in 2017. The project is a leading blockchain-based accommodation booking platform. And it currently offers 2,000,000+ properties covering 90,124 destinations in 230 countries and territories. The project team members have sufficient experience in the travel industry. CTO has more than 10 years of technical leadership, and CMO has nearly 10 years of marketing experience in giants such as Google and Flight Centre. The project operation and development process are relatively transparent, with complete monthly progress updates. After Travala moved to Binance Chain in 2019, it has strategically merged with TravelbyBit, a flight booking platform that supports crypto assets in Binance Ecosystem in May 2020. The token AVA has relatively good performance on the secondary market. Considering the status and development prospects of the project, the rating for is B with a positive outlook.

Cryptobucks Cryptocurrency Rating | TokenInsight

The CRYPTOBUCKS project aims to provide users with a quick and easy way to use blockchain technology to buy and sell Crypto assets and imitate transactions. The project was established on December 28, 2019, and the establishment time was short. The team’s disclosure is seriously inadequate, and the official website and white paper do not have any information about the team. The official website homepage shows that the project intends to reach cooperation with VISA, MASTERCARD, UNIONPAY in the second half of 2020, but the problem the project is trying to solve is too large. CBUCKS is a token issued by the project. It is listed on the CMC with a value of US$67.89 million. The secondary market has a comprehensive performance and unstable prices. It has been launched on five small exchanges. Considering the status and development prospects of the project, the rating for CRYPTOBUCKS is CC with a developing outlook.


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