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Which DApps are worth following this week?

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This last week — — 35 new Ethereum DApps were introduced to the market and the number of overall active users increased by 7%. Additionally, transaction volume is up 14% from the previous week.

Since our last rankings report, the number of DApps on the list has changed a lot. In recent weeks, the number of DApps and transaction volume on the Ethereum platform have increased significantly, however, DApps from the Marketplaces DApp category are still ranked in the top six and contributed to more than 60% of total DApp transaction volumes on the Ethereum platform.


Last week, 14 new EOS DApps were launched. The number of overall active users decreased by 10% and transaction volume increased by 16% from the previous week. From our rankings, most of the DApps have remained unchanged. Of them, only three DApp games, including EOSJacks and DAppRadar, were replaced. In the rankings, the DApp Whale Exchange trading markets continued to maintain its number one position. The overall list is still dominated by Gambling DApps, and we are still awaiting the entry of a new disruptive DApp to appear.


Last week, 32 new TRON DApps were introduced to the market, and the number of active users increased by 4.7%, while transaction volume also increased by 73% from the previous week.

According to our rankings, most of the DApps in the Tron ecosystem remain almost unchanged.

“PLAY GOC”, which once ranked second in our previous rankings has dropped out of the Top 20. It should also be noted that there were three Gambling DApps among the newly added DApps, and 4 Marketplace DApps in the top 20.

List Explained

1. This list was derived from TokenInsight’s DApp Influencer Model which computes contract security, open source metrics, and on-chain DApp activity

2. The evaluation dimensions for each platform are the same, but the standards vary among different platforms.

3. Data sources include on-chain trading data and contract test data recorded and summarized by SpiderStore.

4. The final score was calculated by using statistical percentiles for most applicable dimensions.

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